FOSS Pride FOSS software icons using LGBTQ+ pride flags

Welcome to FOSS Pride!

Hi there!

This site is a sort of project collection to host the edited icons i’ve been working on. A while back i got the idea to tweak the icons of software projects i use or like to add trans flags. By now i’ve collected several trans flag stickers on my laptop, but i figured i should expand the idea to several LGBTQ+ pride flags and not just the projects i personally use.

The product of that idea is this collection: FOSS Pride. This site is here to host the source files and high-resolution versions of the images i started posting to Twitter in the summer of 2020. Partly because i figured someone would like to see the GIMP file to add a flag i missed, and partly because one of the initial set i did (Emacs) had its icon licensed under the GPL, so i wanted to make sure i had the source available as part of those license terms.

I hope you enjoy! It’s been fun to tinker with these icons and logos.